JUNE 8, 2019
JUNE 8, 2019

What People Are Saying

"You both did an amazing job! Words can't express how impressed I was with the talent and your efforts to put together a wonderful event."  - D. Brown

"Thank you guys so much I am so grateful for this opportunity. Ariel and I,as well as both of my parents very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. Also, we thank you guys so much for sharing these photos with us, they are very delightful. With gratitude." - D. Watson, Contestant

"Dear Wilma and Bill Rogers, I just want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be apart of this wonderful show for the youth in Alachua. All the details made it a truly special event. The contestants were all very talented artists. Looking forward to next year show already!" - T. Phifer (Parent) and Lauryn Phifer, Contestant

"Thanks Bill & Wilma for all that you do, your work is priceless! I will always cherish these pictures." - B. Bussey, Contestant's Parent

"Hi Bill and Wilma, I want to say thank you for including me in this tremendous endeavor! I saw myself in those nervous performers and was moved to tears by the heart and confidence of others. I loved sharing the panel with other artists and hearing their insights and encouragement. I was moved seeing how many friends and family came out in support of the arts. I was heartened and gladdened that our government representatives were there in attendance and to witness the power of the arts as well. I told stories of my experiences in hopes they (contestants) could see themselves succeeding as well.


I am so grateful for my life and travels the arts have provided me and eternally thankful for this opportunity to give back and help others believe in themselves. Thank you so much Wilma and Bill! You did an outstanding job (and I especially appreciated the air conditioning.) Call on me anytime. Truly, Lynn." -  Top Talent Live Judge

"People make a place! Legacy is just another Rec Center without special people making a difference."  - B. Wiles

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